Lesson Plan for PE Class (5-6 year olds)

A PE lesson plan template shall contribute to the physical development of children in a fun way. It is preferable to start off the session with a warm-up or a starter activity, which sets the mood for the participants. Afterwards, focusing on certain aspects of developmental enhancement, other activities or exercises are conducted according to the time limit of the session.

Lesson Goal

Improving balance and focus.

Starter Activity

Five to six year olds are known to love dancing. Warming them up through a dance activity such as calling out one student to perform a dance move for others to follow can be a suitable exercise, while after each round the student changes to ensure the participation of all students.

Activity 1

Make a circle with the group of participants and introduce a ball. The ball is supposed to be thrown from one participant to the other and they should remember the order. After successfully completing a round of consecutive throws, another ball is introduced to the circle to be thrown in the same order following the first ball. Both balls must reach the participants without delay and falling to the ground (in case of hitting the second ball). If participants are more capable, then a third ball shall be introduced.

Activity 2

Place hula-hoops on floor (not to far from each other) and ask a line of participants, one by one, to jump on one foot first and then on two feet till the last hula-hoop. The latter shall be a standing point of one foot, where a tennis ball is thrown to the participant, who must catch it and throw it back to the instructor.

This is a PE lesson plan template that meets the goal set above. Always make sure to relate the lesson plan to the age group and goal of the session.